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Ubuntu is Great


Last week, I received 20 (1 install + 1 live) Ubuntu Linux 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) CDs FOR FREE (details will follow). Of course in no time I installed it. I have to say that Hoary rocks! I was using Warthy before, and this new release fixes the few problems Warthy had (e.g., my Kingston USB-disk is now recognized, and my computer turns off when I log out.)

The new version of Ubuntu, Breezy Badger is on its way out but let me write some of the features of Hoary:

  • Python 2.4.1, the latest version for now.
  • GNOME 2.10, not the latest version (2.12 will be included in Breezy) but works perfectly.
  • Firefox 1.02, not the latest version but it is updated easily in Windows Update style.
  • Synaptic package manager that makes install/update/uninstall a snap.
  • much more...

Well, after in­stal­la­tion of the base system, I ran Synaptic and downloaded other software I frequently use, such as wxPython for GUI pro­gram­ming with Python ( is the latest in the repository though, I hope will be available soon), Thun­der­bird (1.06) for reading my mail (Evolution 2.2 is installed by default).

Now the FOR FREE part... Most Linux distros are down­load­able for free, but Ubuntu won't charge anything even sending the CDs to you in reasonable quantities. There are people who asked for and received 100 CDs! I was not greedy that much however, so I only asked for 20. If you are nearby EMU Department of Computer En­gi­neer­ing room 124, you may take one free from me. Or you may order some CDs for yourself at Ubuntu shipit. Don't forget to read the FAQ though. (Note: The CD dis­tri­b­u­tion is closed until the release of Breezy, which will be releason on October.)

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