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ReportLab on OSX


It's easy to compile ReportLab on OSX (in my case, 10.8). The only problem is, you'll get the following warning:

# installing without freetype no ttf, sorry!
# You need to install a static library version of the freetype2 software

Don't try to brew it yet. OSX already has freetype2 installed on versions before 10.7. For 10.7 and later make sure you install XQuartz. Then we just need to help ReportLab installer to help find it.

Download ReportLab, and insert the following lines around after line 104 (after # attempt to make sure we pick freetype2 over other versions):

aDir(I, "/usr/X11/include") 
aDir(L, "/usr/X11/lib")

Remove the build directory (if it already exists) and do python setup.py build as usual. It should work.

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