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IEEE NNS 2003 Student Travel Grant Recipients for CEC2003


51 ap­pli­ca­tions were received. 20 travel grants are being awarded. For Australian recipients the travel grant will be $350, for all others it will be $800.

Travel grants of US$800 (outside of Australia):

  • Yuce Tekol, Eastern Mediter­ranean University, Turkey
  • Feng Xue, Rensselaer Poly­tech­nic Institute, USA
  • Yew Jin Lim, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Ricardo Hoar, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Zejun Wu, Wuhan University, China
  • Chuan-Kang Ting, University Paderborn, Germany
  • Nelis Franken, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Harry J. Blumenthal, Con­necti­cut College, USA
  • Renato Reder Cazangi, State University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Kon­stan­ti­nos Par­sopou­los, University of Patras, Greece
  • Bin Peng, Wayne State University, USA
  • Shiori Kaige, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  • Rene Thomsen, University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • Yingjie continue.

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